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What We Do

Why We Are Here

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Educate Students on
The World of Business
& Journalism

Students have the opportunity to research, study & understand the world of business. Also, they will be able to learn fundamental creative, writing, and journalism skills while contributing to this publication. 

Provide a Voice for
Young Writers

Our writers have the opportunity to voice their opinions about local, regional worldly business. Our High school writers can cover any business topics that speak to them and pique their interest. Writers have the opportunity to present their opinion without resentment or cancelation.

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Cultivate a Community of Investors & Entrepreneurs

We inspire and initiate student interest in the world of business. Our writers will have a head start in the business world because they become knowledgeable about all forms and sectors of business and economic topics. Our writers will also have the advantage of having an idea of which sector they want to pursue in college and carrier. 

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