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Capturing the Essence of Northeastern Student Life in 16:9

The social media photography is one of my favorite journalism assignments i've had this semester. I just landed in Boston after exploring Europe during the program. Over the course of a weekend, I discovered three specatcles that grasped my attention: one historical building and two areas on campus. Each of these three locations feature important culture and history to either students, Bostonians or both.

The first photo was taken on St. Stephen St., the photo shows off traffic cones and a man in a builders hat, who is about to go into the manhole to fix some fiber cable. When I apporached to take a photo, and a worker told me to stop taking photos. I thought he was worried about me being too close but he actually didn't want me taking the picture while the worker wasn't wearing a helmet and told me to delete it. I deleted it and retook the photo with him wearing a helmet, so he is not held accountable for not following protocol.

The second photo was taken in Snell Library. Although, I have only been on campus for a few weeks, I spend lots of time studying in Snell. I enjoy getting work done, using the white boards and running into friends there. They are renovating the basement floor and the third floor to match the forth floor, which is why the fourth floor is so crowded. I am excited to have more group study spaces and interesting work spaces to enjoy with friends. The reason I captured the photo of these office study spaces is because they are my favorite spots to work and collaborate with others.

The third photo was taken at the Steinhart Hall, an abandoned building in the theater district. As a musician, I found myself compelled to explore it because of its rich history in Boston. Founded in 1898, Steinhart Hall was known as the headquarters for the musical and artistic world of cultured Boston. The building has been closed since 1942 due to fire code restrictions. Restorations for the building began in 2015. The facility is still in a worn-down condition but it will feature events and shows once it reopens. I explored the building from the outside since it was closed behind a gate, but I could see a lot from the windows.

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